Baxx Vladimir

Born on the 24th November, Valjevo, Serbia

MFA, graduated at the Faculty of Applied Arts, Belgrade, mural painting department, class of prof. Lazovic 2009.
Cambridge marketing diploma, Link IT Academy 2006.
Winner/promo face of the Eurobank EFG Scholarship for Best Serbian Students 2008/09.
Winner of the Ministry of Education and Science Scholarship Fund 2005/06/07/08/09.
PHD student at the Academy of Arts, Creative Industries, Belgrade, Serbia 2010/11.
Member of CSM (Center for Youth Creativity of Serbia)
Member of ULUS (Association of Fine Artists of Serbia)
Art director/designer/founder of Clothing Line BIUNE
Art Teacher Art+789, China


Exhibitions, commissions, conferences/residencies and projects

Group exhibition of drawings, Gallery Gima, Valjevo, Serbia 2004.
Group exhibition of applied arts Only white, Gallery ULUPUDUS, Belgrade, Serbia 2004.
Group exhibition of studies of nude studies, Gallery SkadArt, Belgrade, Serbia 2005.
Group exhibition of paintings, Gallery 34, Valjevo, Serbia 2005.
Group exhibition of prints, Ben Akiba, Belgrade, Serbia 2005.
Installation The Escape, 20 circopli ARCI, Turin, Italy 2005.


International Student Week in Timisoara, Romania 2005.
International Student Week in Ilmenau, Germany 2005.
Balkan Art Festival, Turin, Italy 2005.
Casameeting, Netherlands 2006.
Project Europe Utopia or reality, Griesfwald, Germany 2006.
Forum des rencontres européennes de Die, Festival Est-Ouest, France 2006.
Exhibition Valjevo Genius, Valjevo, Serbia 2006.
Project-Utopie, Le Centre Culturel Rhone D’Alpes, France 2006.
The night of museums of Serbia, Project Art Live, Valjevo, Serbia 2007.
Exhibition Pokret, misao, reč, Gallery Vreto, Belgrade, Serbia 2008.
Annual exhibition at the Faculty of Applied Arts, Belgrade, Serbia 2006, 2007, 2008.
Presentation Lighting identity of Belgrade, Gallery O3one, Belgrade, Serbia 2008.
Sex in transition, Kučevo, Serbia 2008.
Belgrade of light, Lighting identity of Belgrade, Belgrade, Serbia 2008.
Project ARS Kozara, art laboratory, Bosnia 2008.
Project Heroes and Villains, Lighting identity of Belgrade, BC Ušće, Belgrade, Serbia 2008.
Multimedia art project Love Cave, public space, Kučevo, Serbia 2008.
Humanitarian art action Connections, Telekom Serbia-Blood Donors, Belgrade, Serbia 2008
Performance Interpretations, FIST, FDU, Belgrade, Serbia 2008.
FIST- Festival of International Student’s Theatre, FDU, Belgrade, 2008.
Forum City and Art, Istanbul, 2009.
Belgrade of Light, 2009.
Group Exhibition of sketches for murals, Cultural Centre Aleksinac, Serbia 2009.
Mural Crossroads, Elementary School Drinka Pavlović, Belgrade, Serbia 2009.
Documentary exhibition Sa periferije, Dom Omladine, Belgrade, Serbia 2009.
Project Morphosis OUTSIDEproject, Gallery Magacin, The night of museums, Belgrade, Serbia 2009.
Performance Dynamic light, Faculty of Architecture, Belgrade, Serbia 2009.
Group exhibition, Museum of Applied Arts, Belgrade, Serbia 2009.
NisArtFoundation, Gallery DIN Phillip Morris, Niš, Serbia 2010.
NisArtFoundation, Gallery Matice srpske, Novi Sad, Serbia 2010.
NisArtFoundation, Gallery Phillip Morris, Belgrade, Serbia 2010.
Paintings Exhibition, The night of museums, Mionica, Serbia 2010.
Charity Exhibition Human, Colors, Music, Athens, Greece 2010.
Summer Exhibition Young Artists, Cultural Centre Valjevo, Serbia 2010.
Exhibition ART MARKET, King Peter’s House, Belgrade, Serbia 2010.
KickStarter Online Project, New York, USA 2011.
Exhibition Personal Reflections, CGS, New York, USA 2011
Solo Exhibition Naughty Madonnas, Gallery of Theatre in Šabac, Šabac, Serbia 2011.
Solo Exhibition Naughty Madonnas, Gallery of Valjevo Museum, Valjevo, Serbia 2011.
Exhibition ULUS, New members, Pavillion Cvjeta Zuzurić, Belgrade, Serbia 2012.
International Artists Exhibition, ART Revolution Taipei, Taipei, Taiwan 2012.
Solo Exhibition Naughty Madonnas, Studio M, Novi Sad, Serbia 2012.
Exhibition NisArtFoundation Yought2012, Gallery DIN Phillip Morris, Niš, Serbia 2012.
Exhibition NisArtFoundation Yought 2012, PTT Museum, Belgrade, Serbia 2012.
A.R.T. artfair, Taiwan 2013.
Comfty Baxxart tree, VAKUM Exhibition, City Square, Valjevo, Serbia 2013/14.
Solo Exhibition Walk of Fame, Baxxart studio, Belgrade, Serbia 2014.
Awareness – Loft, Strasbourg Central Station, France 2015. online solo exhibition curated by Melody Grossman, 2015.
Malesh, short movie costume design, 2015.
Lviv Media-ART Festival, Lviv, Ukraine, 2015.
Opulent Mobility 2015, California State Northridge’s West Gallery, USA , 2015.
International Art Symposium Multipoint, Slovakia, 2015.
Exhibition Gallery Univerzum, Nitra University, Slovakia, 2015.
Sultan ArtCamp, Narail, Bangladesh, 2015.
Charity Exhibition Anatomy for life, Brighton Jubilee Library, UK, 2015.
Visual Arts Exhibition Festival Sphinx2015, Thebes, Greece,2015.
2015 Art – Garbage by Komunala d.o.o., Nova Gorica, Slovenia, 2015.
DEEP TRASH: GREEK TRASH,Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club, London, UK, 2016.
Saguenay Art Symposium 2016, Canada, 2016.
International exhibition, Zone Portaire, Chicoutimi, Canada, 2016.
RethinkArt Festival, Rethymno, Crete, 2016.
POINTS OF DEPARTURE, the John Michael Kohler Arts Center, WI, USA, 2016.
Kulturresidens, Tranås, Sweden, 2017.
Exhibition Konst av andrahand. Tranås, Sweden, 2017.
Exhibition Cabinet of Queeriosities IV, Gallery Casa Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada, 2017.
Lecture Art vs. Internet, StartIT Centar, Valjevo, Serbia, 2017.
2018 International Artist Grand Prize Competition(I.A.C), Taiwan, 2017.
Exhibition Chan Liu Art Museum, Taipei, Taiwan, 2018.
Exhibition X-Power Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan, 2018.
Art Revolution Taipei, Taiwan, 2018.



Authored the monograph Art scene of young artists of Valjevo, 2004.
Incredible India, catalogue for the Embassy of India in Belgrade and Megatravel, 2005.
For children of Kosovo – New Year design of the promotional materials for charity, 2006.
Visual identity, play Huis Clos, Sartre, National Theatre, 2009.
Visual identity SRBRASS, medical congress for plastic surgery, VMA Belgrade, 2010.
Visual Identity Anglia, foreign language school, 2013.