It is fair to say that since my childhood art has been my direction and an integral part of my life. To take a journey in art is to follow a path that is never ending; you will never know all there is to know, see and discover. It was more than obvious that art career perfectly suited my personality.

I graduated from the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade, where I earned both BFA and MFA degrees. Currently I am pursuing my Ph.D at the Academy of Arts in Belgrade where I live and create.Art is a passion to those who choose to create it, I put my heart and soul into my work and push myself to an achievement. I have been incredibly active as an artist and have had numerous exhibitions in Serbia, across Europe, Asia and America.


In my paintings, I am conveying the idea of picture trying to amalgamate with the spectator. I use complement colours background designed settings, female perfect figure and specific light effects. I am inspired by New Media and technology and my art reflects this combination of new and traditional media. My colour palate consists of very bright and bold tones. I often add religion and pop culture symbols and make eclectic compositions telling the humoristic but a very deep story. Naming a painting is crucial. Just by reading the name, spectator can get a clue about the whole compostion. Beside painting, which is my main preoccupation, I also do netart, different kinds of installation, performances and all kind of multimedia art projects. I love having a project to focus on at all times, to give me focus and goals and to inject my newer ideas into. I feel it has become my main passion being exposed to all the disciplines and varieties of art.

For those of us that choose art, it is not a career or a hobby, but a passion, a way of life.


Assiduous in the battle against art calculations, he is uncompromising in spreading the ideas about baxxart. As a part of the society, his works also go through transition, change media, shapes, forms, but they are always redeveloped exactly on the same ground where they originate from and they reach the higher level by using the experiences of the world art scene and multiculturalism. Traditional art,…modern installations, applied art, multimedia projects… these are the roads he uses, whose signs he follows, he doesn’t respect the speed limits and he gets tickets, but, he still freely follows the white lines, sometimes they are solid, sometimes they are dashed, and, no matter what, he always reaches his destination, the new road with new regulations unknown to him, which he can follow, ignore or change. He develops the system which doesn’t only connect the colours, lines, dots, but also the words, thoughts, physics. The system originates in the choice of forms, materials, thoughts.

The images have always moved in front of my eyes, and this has nothing to do with being short sighted

Baxx Vladimir