Combination of traditional media– drawing and new technologies – animation.
Metamorphoó is a powerful statement in visibility and diversity. It celebrates baxxart’s commitment to equality. The key aim is to give the public understanding of different constructions of gender and sexuality from antiquity to the present, as well as ability to examine cultural constructions of heteronormativity and its role in different societies, especially Greek society.
It portrays the complexity of gender and body and the ways in which this combination may be surprising. The commonality is that all genderqueer people reject the notion that there are only two genders in the world as they believe binary gender is a social construct. They may also transition socially, or they may continue to dress and go by the pronouns of their assigned gender but reject any gender system as a valid method of classifying individuals.
I illustrated that gender, sex, sexuality, presentation, and attraction are separate and, though they may intermingle at times, society should not assume that we are constrained by predictable versions of these variables.
The goal of Metamorphoó μεταμορφόω – ancient Greek word for transformation is to encourage the expansion and public awareness of free fluid expression.
Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club, London, UK