As seen from the title – The Escape – I have tried to convey the idea of the picture trying to integrate with reality of nature, like a painting tired of being in a frame and trying to amalgamate with the spectator.
The ultimate question that remains unanswered is the value of an art framed within and if it escapes and the frame is left blank, does the art loose its value?
The painting is like people living in this world, always trying to attain something more and always reaching out for new heights.
In my sculpture I have tried to depict seven people who are trying to escape and even though it is very difficult, they are still trying to attain what they want with all their acrobatic capabilities they possess.  They are holding on to each other and if any one of them falls behind or looses his grip, all of them will fall back and they will have to try once again to come out.  They are all climbing towards an unknown, expectations are high, but at the same time if they will attain what they expected is unknown.  The climb will take them their whole life cycle.  Each seven symbolizes each day of the week and like any other day; each one is different from the other.

Each one has his own qualities but the ultimate goal is the same.
Like seven days a week, 52 weeks in a year sees the dawn of a new year.

My sculpture symbolizes the life cycle, which comes to an end after a long struggle irrespective of achievements in life and rebirth in another struggle.