In the town of Kučevo, where the tradition of free sex is based on Vlach tradition, I have tried to see into the meaning of phrase ‘sex in transition’.

The facts, which I have discovered during my research, show that having the raw sex is very much present in the region of Homolje, but it seems that the problem is the lack of sexual games which are replaced by political ones. As it were in transitional societies, the politics had to ‘penetrate’ into sex, sex had to ‘process’ politics, and somebody had to come out ‘sexed’ because of all this…

My work, ‘Love cave’, is inspired by a cave from Vlach mythology, in which bacchanalia happened every year on a particular day. The whole villages use to come masked and enjoy the charms of unrestrained sexual games. Some say that this is just a legend, and others claim that this is a historical fact… Be that as it may, these caves are also being visited in the present…

I have placed my ‘Love cave’, decorated with the paintings of forceful male  female principle, which originate from leopard’s skin as a call for potency and fertility, in the old passage, in the main street and made it available to the transitionally-degraded citizens of Kučevo.

I have made a performance in which everyone can participate, they could chain up others or be chained. They could hang, stretch, play sexual games, fulfil their fantasies but, also, they could reject the notion of being the meet in the butcher’s hands.